What is Become An Analyst?

We are proud to have released our latest Analytics for sports digital platform and also our brand new performance analysis tool. AFS specializes in providing performance analytics support to various sports academics, clubs, individual players, coaches and scouts in order to support grassroots development. Our digital platform supports coaches and players achieve high performance in sport.

Performance analysts will analyze individual players, football teams and football academies via our pre-defined analysis template and our analysis tool.

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What kind of Analysis we do?

We provide stats and tactical based analysis to players, teams, coaches, scouts and football academies. We would expect our analysts to have experience and skill in such areas.

What will you gain from this opportunity?

We always encourage those who are serious about developing a career in sports and performance analysis. By this opportunity, we want to develop a community of professional sports performance analysis and use their skill and experience in football developing nations. We also aim to provide young and aspiring analysts the chance to develop their career in the sports industry.

We will provide such information once we have succesfully shortlisted you to be part of our Growing analyst panel.

How does the application work?

Once you register with us, we will send you a trial game to analyse on our tool and assess your analysis. One needs to analysis under 4 days. We suggest you register only if you have adequate time to complete our trial analysis.

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