Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register on the platform and for how long can one use it?

Anyone who works in the football industry or wants to be part of the football industry can join the platform. Currently, we have developed modules specifically for players, teams and coaches but someone might be a player who is a scout or an analyst. In that case, they are free to join our platform to connect and interact with sports minded individuals. Improving personal connections in the sporting world can be vital for the growth of anyone's career, either as a player, coach or even a scout. If someone is new to the footballing world, they are strongly encouraged to join to open up career and growth opportunities. One can also invite friends, team-mates and work colleagues to join the platform when they starting using the platform.

To give a taste of the product, Users can use the platform on a two month trial basis, with all features unlocked. After a 2 month trial period, users can join a monthly subscription plan that suits their needs.

how long does the free trial run for?

Register today for free to recieve a 2 month free trial and acess the complete platform.